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Handcrafted, luxurious lipsticks made with ingredients you can actually pronounce!


Amazing all natural lipstick, that leaves your lips feeling soft.  I've tried so many lipsticks before and LIPCANDY is my new favourite. Looking forward to trying new colours. 

Karen, Toronto

I LOVE LIPCANDY!  My new year obession.  Amazing colours that feel great on.

Anne, Toronto

The reason why I love LIPCANDY is because it's so unique.  Handmade with natural ingredients by such an amazing woman.   My lips always feel moisturized and I feel confident wearing LIPCANDY because I know what products are in it.  Truely wonderful  - no other way to say it.

Andriana, Toronto

 LIPCANDY is now my go-to lipstick!  I love how it moisturizes, leaves a peppermint tingle, and has on-trend rich colours - all in a chemical-free option!  Thank you LIPCANDY.  #inlove

Maxine, Toronto

This lipstick is spectacular. The colours are stunning and it’s a long lasting, moisturizing lipstick. The case is gorgeous too. Well done!

Jen, Toronto